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Phoebe Antoinette

Phoebe was our first Maine Coon and holds a very special place in our hearts. She is the one responsible for Mainely Manor. After purchasing her, we soon fell in love with this unusual and magnificent breed. She is first and foremost Allyson's beloved pet. Since the day we brought her home, she has remained by my side or perched on my shoulder. With every pregnancy she requires me to be by her side. She is a wonderful mother to her babies and shows true heartache when they leave for their forever homes. Phoebe is a shaded tortie. Her coat is so soft and elegant. We love to refer to her as Phoebe Bebe. She is our most loved and admired queen.

Mary Catherine

Mary Catherine has an outstanding full Coat and Maine for a female. She has the most engaging markings of a tabby. Mary Cat is spotted like a leopard. She is our newest queen and we look forward to beautiful upcoming litters. She is a very Loving and Playful Cat. Her Personality is one of her very best qualities. Mary Cat's name is a good description of her happy personality. Mary Catherine always seeks the attention of her family when she is in need of affection. She loves to cuddle and climb cat trees. She is also best buddies with our stud Leopold.


  Jazzy has an outstanding full body Maine for a female. She has the most beautiful distinct markings of a tabby. Jazzy's eyes are large and engaging. She is our most productive queen and is known for having very large healthy litters. She is a very nurturing and protective mother. Her kittens are remarkably beautiful. Jazzy's name is a good description of her showy and spunky personality. Jazzy always seeks the attention of her family when she is in need of affection. She loves to have her back rub while her paws are placed firmly on our shoulders.

Felicity Anastasia

Daughter of Phoebe, Felicity is always by her mothers side. She was born under unusual circumstances in a one kitten litter. Felicity being the only baby we all quickly fell in love with her. We have all enjoyed watching the mother daughter relationship that has continued to evolve over a year. We are all anxiously awaiting the delivery of felicity's first litter. We are sure that she will be just as loving as a mother as she is as a pet. Felicity has the most luxurious coat and perfect tips. Her kittens are sure to be spectacular. Felicity has been quite close to our young girls and has grown up with them as one of our own.


Sarabeei the African name for mirage the word comes to English via the French mirage, from the Latin "mirare", meaning "to look at, to wonder at". Sarabeei definitely lives up to her name. Her beauty and size is a miraculous wonder. She is our only maine coon to join our cattery as an adult queen. Although she has not been raised by us she quickly became an intricate part of our breeding program. She like many of our other females is very affectionate and seeks undivided attention. She is an excellent mother and devoted to each of her babies.  She has made many friends here at Mainely Manor and we are honored to provide her with a forever home.

Agatha Maria

Agatha is quite enchanting for a  Mainecoon female. She is as black as night with the shiniest coat. Agatha's eyes are large and Mystical. She is our most outgoing queen and is full of energy. She is a very nurturing and loving pet. Agatha is bewitching and mystical in every way. Agatha always finds a lap to lay on for affection. She loves to play with water.Loves the bath, Dripping sink, or stirring the water bowl. What else can we say she loves to play.


Allyson and Daniel Muck
Loganville GA 30052
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