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Policy Contracts

All of our Maine Coon kittens are an extension of our family and we take great pride in ensuring their future well-being. Our Maine Coon kittens for sale are not placed until they are AT LEAST 12 weeks old and have received a clean bill of health, de-wormed  and had their vaccinations.Also we take extra pre-cautions such as prenatal care to ensure the health of our mothers as well as their babies before they are even born. We often will have our vet do an ultrasound prior to delivery. Then after birth we have our kittens screened by our vet at least two to three times before they go to there forever homes.If you pick your kitten from birth we spend a lot of time sending pics, recording milestones, skyping and sharing every precious moment with you. Many who have experienced this process with us have enjoyed the excitement and the ability to establish a relationship with their kitten from birth until they are ready to go to there forever home.One of our past customers said "it was like bring home a new baby"! This is what makes us different from other catteries. We open our home and try to share every developmental step with you and make this a memorable and exciting experience.

MAINELY MANOR Maine Coon kittens will be registered with CFA, The Cat Fanciers Association. Our Maine Coon kittens are litter box and scratching post trained by their mother. All have been on solid food for at least 4 weeks. I hope you enjoy getting to know us and our furry companions. Because we put so much time, effort and love into each of our babies we spend a great deal of time getting to know all of our future new owners before placement.This process helps to assure you and us that your new Kitten is the purfect fit for you and your family!!!


At MAINELY MANOR we require a Spay/Neuter contract when purchasing one of our beloved kittens as a pet only. This is to ensure that each kitten will be loved and properly taken care of. It is for the health and benefit of our kittens that we also require a purchase agreement and an alteration agreement. These contracts protect the seller and the purchaser. At MAINELY MANOR we reserve the right to refuse a sale of any animal, if we feel our beloved kittens will not be properly cared for.

 Pricing Information


At MAINELY MANOR we accept cash, Postal Money Order, Certified Cashiers Check, or payment through Pay pal when purchasing one of our kittens.  If making a Pay pal payment, please contact me to determine the correct amount to be paid.  Make sure all Pay pal payments are emailed to ALIEMUCK@AOL.COM.  Please include a 4% up charge on all Pay pal payments to cover fees from Pay pal for the use of their services. If you prefer to mail your payment contact me first to determine the correct amount to be paid.  I will then provide you with the address. A deposit can be made using any one of the payment types listed.  Once a deposit has been made, I will then secure the kitten of your choice, as on HOLD. Please contact me for deposit amount. Prior to a kitten being placed, all financial transactions must take place, and a Spay/Neuter/Sales Contract must be signed and returned to MAINELY MANOR.  All deposits and/or payments are non-refundable. If a deposit is made on an unborn litter and the litter does not have your choice of color/sex combination, your deposit can be transferred to another litter.  If a deposit has been made on a kitten, and circumstances change and you are not able to purchase your kitten at the agreed upon time, we will allow a ONE TIME ONLY transfer to another litter. Please contact us for current cost of kittens.  If you are interested in purchasing from us, please contact via phone or Internet. A copy of the contract is available by email.  It can then be printed and filled out and then mailed or emailed back to MAINELY MANOR.  Upon receipt of completed contract, we agree to complete our portion and send it, along with the registration papers, for your kitten. If you are purchasing a kitten, a signed and dated, veterinary certification of altering must be provided prior to the issue of registration papers. If, upon receipt, you feel that your pet is sick or there is something wrong, you must provide a Veterinarian statement, to be reviewed by my vet, prior to the return and/or exchange of the animal.  This is to protect mainly manor the kitten and you and your family. Illness among our kittens or having to return a kitten is a process I am Proud to say Mainely Manor has never faced.

Shipping Information



Shipping is extra at $300 to any location within the US, using Continental Airlines.  This will include an airline approved travel crate, health certificate from our vet, limited/full registration papers, their first shots, starter package of food, and they will be de-wormed and a 3 business day health guarantee against any illness that might occur during shipment. All paperwork must be completed and shipping charges and the price of the kitten must be paid in advance prior to shipping. I work very hard to keep all of my Kittens healthy and happy before they reach your home. I do not ship any kitten until it reaches 16 weeks of age. Purchaser is responsible for all veterinary expenses and shipping charges to and from Atlanta.

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Spay/Nueter/Sales Contract
Mainely Manor
3304 Oakbriar Drive
Loganville Ga 30052
770-466-4361 678-906-9529

THIS AGREEMENT is made by above SELLER and between,
Purchaser:    _______________________________________________
Address:    _____________________________________________
Phone:    _______________________________________________
Email:        _______________________________________________
Who agrees to the following costs:

Price of animal:    $_________________
Shipment Charges:     $______NA________
Deposit:              $_________________
Total:            $_________________
(To be paid in full prior to Receiving)

Breed:    ______MaineCoon_____      Kitten/Cat
Date of Birth:  __________  Sex:  _____  Color:  ___________________
Sire:    _________________________
Dam:  __________________________

**Papers issued at time of Pick up or shipment for breeder or after evidence of altering**

     WHEREAS, the SELLER has specifically bred and maintained the animal herein offered for sale to be healthy and free of any illness, disease or disorder, and

    WHEREAS, the SELLER has no clinical evidence of rabies, feline leukemia, FIV, feline infectious peritonitis, rhinotracheitis, calici virus, roundworm or hookworm in above stated animals, and

    The PURCHASER agrees to return the animal to the SELLER, at the cost of the PURCHASER, in the event that within three (3) days from the receipt of the animal, a licensed veterinarian certifies that the animal is unfit for purchase due to disease or congenital or hereditary disorder.  The SELLER will then replace the animal (shipping at the cost of the PURCHASER) with one of equivalent value.  Under no circumstances will the SELLER reimburse the PURCHASER for any treatment of the animal. The PURCHASER agrees to notify the SELLER immediately upon appearance of any illness, disease or disorder of the animal prior to any treatment by a licensed veterinarian within the 7-day period after receipt of animal.

The PURCHASER, upon expiration of the 7-day period after receipt of the animal unconditionally accepts ownership of the animal. HOWEVER Mainely Manor will replace any feline born from this cattery if a life threatening congenital or hereditary disorder occurs within a normal healthy life span of the animal. We will honor this by replacing or giving the PURCHASER a new kitten from our Cattery of equal value at time of purchase however we cannot replace the relationship or be responsible for vet cost .

(Circle correct answer, strikethrough incorrect answer)

    THE PURCHASER agrees to spay/neuter the cat/kitten referred to above according to the following requirements and within the time frame suggested below:

1.    MALES – 5 to 6 months, FEMALES – 5-7 months (Should this matter be brought to court, the PURCHASER will be liable for all the SELLER’S court costs and attorneys’ fees.)
2.    PURCHASER will provide SELLER with proof of altering in the form of a dated receipt from a certified veterinarian which includes a description of the animal involved.  Mail this information to the SELLER at the address provided.  Upon receipt if proof of altering, registration papers will be issued.
3.    SELLER reserves the right to withhold cat’s registration papers if PURCHASER fails to comply with this agreement.
4.    If the PURCHASER requests a veterinarian certificate, the veterinary costs incurred are the responsibility of the PURCHASER.  Also, this action would totally void the BREEDER’S 7-day health guarantee covered in this contract
5.     PURCHASER agrees to keep the above Feline with claws intact and never to be removed however may be clipped and filled for grooming purposes.
6.     PURCHASER will not allow the Kitten/Cat named in this agreement to Dwell or roam Outdoors . However the Feline may be Outdoors on a harness  or leash while in the presence of PURCHASER.
7.     PURCHASER agrees to contact Seller/Breeder in the event that PURCHASER Desires to or is required to re-home Kitten/Cat so that Breeder may have the option to personally adopt or to help re-home Kitten/Cat.
8.    PURCHASER give full rights of all photography of described kitten/cat for any purpose of SELLER Such as Web Site , Publications, Contest ect. Recognition of Photographs is at the discretion of Breeder/Seller and any funds acquired belong to Seller/Breeder.

AGREED TO this ___________day of _______________, 20________

__________________________                 _______________________  BREEDER/  SELLER            PURCHASER (S)


Allyson and Daniel Muck
Loganville GA 30052
Cell: 678-906-9529
Home: 770-466-4361


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