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Leopold Augustus

The perfect ambassador of the breed.  Leo represents the remarkable size, intelligence, and demeanor of the Maine Coon.  Truly, the most affectionate animal we've ever owned.  His loyalty and appreciation for his owners is unsurpassed.  His favorite place in the home is on the lap of anyone sitting on the couch.  He constantly seeks the attention of new conspicuous visitors and instantly wins the hearts of all guests.  He is a large boy and walks larger.  He commands respect of others by his shear confidence. Everyone who enters our home is amazed by his shear size and beauty. Leopold is a beautiful cameo  with a Maine as large as a lions. This gentle Giant is also quite the ladies man and has won the hearts of all our queens. Leopold is everything a Maine Coon should be and more importantly he is everything we could ask for in a companion and friend.


Another one of our handsome studs, Solomon is quite the ladies man. He produces many large and beautiful kittens but most importantly all of his children retain his wonderful loving demeanor. Solomon is a Solid Black with the most mesmerizing Big Gold Eyes. He is very loving an affectionate to all who enter our home. He loves to sit high on our Cat tree like a lion guarding his pride. Surrounded by animals and small children Solomon acts as one of the many members of our family. He is above all a loyal and loving companion.


Allyson and Daniel Muck
Loganville GA 30052
Cell: 678-906-9529
Home: 770-466-4361


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